• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search engine optimization is the process of securing your website’s page rank, assuring that it appears on the first page of major search engines for certain keywords.  SEO requires constant updates, such as adding new content and media.  Also, using a method called link building, the relevance of your website will significantly increase to search engines.  By exchanging links with other high-standing websites, you begin establishing your “reputation” with search engines.


    The importance of SEO has skyrocketed over the past few years.  Companies that are not actively maintaining their website receive very little, limited website traffic.  As soon as you begin to implement an SEO campaign, you will notice a huge increase in website traffic everyday!

  • Website Analysis

    Website analysis is different than analytics in the sense that it doesn’t involve monitoring traffic, instead it monitors the layout of your website.  This includes critiquing the color scheme of your layout, which should have a consistent, uniform flow.  Additionally, we will review the overall functionality of your website.  This often goes overlooked for long periods of time and can have a severely, negative impact on your page’s rank and sales.  When your website has broken links you will loose valuable traffic!

  • Blogs

    Blogging is a great way to let people know the latest news associated with your business. Blogs personalize and humanize your business and are a great way to package your message in a fun, informative way. Blogs can be easily shared and re-shared. They provide another channel to get your message out and lets people know you are active and informed about matters within your field or industry. Blogs make great content for your business’ social media platforms. Consistent blogging is a great way to increase your websites activity and to enhance your SEO.

  • Website Creation

    Every company, regardless of the industry or size, must have a website in order to compete.  More people are using the web then ever before, and not just on computers.  Smartphones and tablets have made it convenient for people to browse on the go.  We design custom websites that will connect you to your customers and get online exposure you need to be successful.  We will work with you individually to ensure you have the website you want!